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Friends of Broad Hinton School

Who are we? The Friends of Broad Hinton School is a registered charity that is run for the benefit of our school and its pupils by

  • running fundraising events
  • putting on or supporting social or educational events for the pupils
  • doing work that directly benefits school and saves money
  • spending the funds raised in ways that directly benefit the pupils

In doing this, it also provides closer links between home and school. It is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together, working towards the common goal of supporting our school. Get involved The easiest and most important way to get involved is for pupils, parents, carers and anyone who wants to support our school to come to our events and have fun. Take a look at the events calendar to see what's on. A free and easy way to raise funds for the school is to use easy fundraising when shopping online. The browser extension and mobile apps make it really simple to do.  Volunteer None of the events and fundraising would happen without the support of our many volunteers. Anyone can volunteer and help make Friends a success. We are always grateful for whatever time you can spare. The events calendar has details of upcoming volunteering opportunities. Contact us if you are able to help. Committee The Friends committee is responsible for running the charity and takes the lead on organising the fundraising and events. Committee meetings are open. Anyone is welcome to come along and have their say. The current committee members are Ramona Maye (Chairperson), Ross Clewley (Vice Chairperson), Sally Gantlett (Secretary), Paul Huggins (Treasurer), Teresa Banting, Jean Giles, Hayley Connelly and Mike Drayson. We are always looking for new committee members. The committee is elected at the AGM every September. If you are interested in joining, talk to an existing committee member. Contact us Get in touch if you want more information or you want to volunteer,   emailfriendsofbroadhintonschool@gmail.com playground: Grab a committee member in the playground (if you don't know who we are, the school staff can point us out).

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