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Musical Opportunities


Class Lessons and After School Clubs

Music lessons are part of the weekly timetable, being taught in the teacher's planning, preparation time.  This is due to the expertese we are able to employ to instruct the children in musical aspects of listening, composition, writing music and playing of tuned and untuned instruments.  In addition to this we offer children the experience to learn an instrument such as the recorder.  ICT is also used to enhance their music experience. One website used regularly is Classic Kids :    https://www.classicsforkids.com/

Singing is an extremely important part of the school's curriculum and thus there is daily sining in collective worship, an annual Christmas performance which encourages quality singing and the opportunities to sing together as a choir.  Those who would like are able to join in an annual singing festival with cluster schools are encouraged.  The techniques of singing are developed throughout the year and part singing is encouraged when appropriate.

Wiltshire video of singing the song 'Together'


Peripatetic Lessons

All children are encouraged to extend their music opportunities by learning an instrument from a peripatetic teacher.  Swindon and Wiltshire Music Hub provide teachers in a vareity of instruments and the school have offered piano, recorder/flute, brass and guitar to their students through this.  A annual assembly is organised with the music hubs to promote instrumental teaching and the parents then have the opportunity sign up.  These lessons may be in or out of school hours.

Swindon Music Co-operative:


Wiltshire Music Connect:


All children learning an instrument either in or outside school hours are encouraged to perform at our 'Performing Arts Evening' together with those who show their talent in dance, gymnastics and martial arts for example.


Bournmounth Symphony Orchestra link: https://bsolive.com/digital/explore-the-orchestra-livestream/

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