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Community Partners


Carillion Health/Xylem Water

Carillion Health is based at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon and is an important partners of the school and has been for 10 years.

Xylem Water is based in Oxfordshire and has just come on board with our partnership working and we welcome them immensely.

Primarily, they work alongside our Eco School Team to develop sustainability of our eco system and promote healthy living and reducing carbon footprint.  They meet with the Eco School Team 6 times a year and  review and evaluate their detailed action plan and then plan for the next year.  Both partnerships is imperitive to enhance wider community links and bring the business aspect into school and develop leadership skills in our children.  

Marlborough, Royal Wootton Bassett and Wroughton Cluster Schools

The school is actively involved in the development of all children in the surrounding area of Broad Hinton.  As a school, we worked collaboratively with the Marlborough, Royal Wootton Bassett and Wroughton Cluster of schools to enhance the education, well-being and safety of the children within our care. Our partnership working allows of joint professional development of all teachers, teaching assitants and support staff as well as the development of the curriculum, enrichment activities and support services through discussions and active participation by all.

Match funding

Company matched giving is very simple.  Companies or businesses pledge to donate to a charity such as ourselves an amount of money relating to the amount that an employee donates or fundraises for us.  There are several benefits to both ourselves and the company involved:

  • Employees’ morale is boosted by having their efforts supported by their employer
  • The company benefits from having charitable donations written off against taxable profits
  • The company can endeavour to get publicity for their giving
  • ‘The Friends’ benefits from receiving perhaps double what we have raised at an event.

We have already benefitted from this during the year but if you think that your employer has a matched giving scheme already in operation, or if you would like some more information about charity matched giving or setting up a scheme in your workplace, please talk to a committee member or the headteacher.

Broad Hinton Village Hall

Our continuous link and partnership with the village hall in Broad Hinton has enhanced community spirit and joint working within our small village.  The regular communication between the school and village hall committee have given us the opportunities to develop various ventures such as the issue of parking in the village and the extenseive rental opportunities the school and village hall give to the local and the wider community.

Please follow the link to contact the village hall for further information about our village community:


Intel and Hills Waste Management

Through our committed and supportive parental community we have been able to establish an active partnership with Intel based in Swindon.  It has been fantastic for this company to support the school this year in the following ways:

donation of laptops

workforce to tidy up and paint our outdoor shelters and sheds and

to provide educational provision for our oldest children linked to their topic of FORCES and how technology can enhance the growing of plants and aid the environment

gained a grant from INTEL to resurface the outdoor play area in Early Years and our pre-school

Hills Waste Management have been extremely supportive over several years.   Through their comittment, the school have been able to sustain our gardening and outdoor learning as well as have an annual 'de-clutter'.  This partnership is vital to the running of the school and we hope this may continue into the future.


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