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Pre-school and Secondary School

To support your child's entry to school we offer a thriving pre-school, which makes this important transition an easy one for child, parent and teacher.  At the Beehive Pre-School they aim to provide a flexible, quality learning enivornment and curriculum in partnership with both children and parents.  thus supporting individual children to explore and learn through play, at their own pace, whilst feeling safe and cared for, encouraging them to gain new skills and understanding in readiness for their transition to school.  The Pre-School and Broad Hinton Primary School are very proud of the strong partnership  when supporting the children into their reception class.  Strong foundations are built through a variety of activities during the year leading to starting school.  These include:  shared story time, shared PE lessons, regular invitation to school events, teacher visits and shared play in the reception ouside learning area.  For more information follow the link below.

Beehive Pre School: http://www.thebeehiveclub.co.uk/

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